• Consider Fleet Advantage as an extension of your company - your off-site analytic department. We utilize our proprietary business intelligence software that converts your unstructured operating data into actionable intelligence. You benefit with reports that produce a per-unit profit and loss statement on each vehicle in your fleet, thus allowing you the insights that you need to manage your fleet judiciously to gain a competitive advantage.

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Performance Monitoring

Our client internet portal is equipped with powerful analytic software tools that allow clients to easily monitor each truck's utilization, fuel economy and maintenance expense. What may appear to be a very slight degradation in fuel economy can translate into millions of dollars in fuel expense fleet-wide. In today's competitive environment, companies must be ahead of the curve. Accurate fleet metrics with easy access and automated alerts are at your fingertips to immediately address any drop in performance. Our clients can promptly identify MPG and maintenance irregularities on a per vehicle basis and take corrective action before they become costly.