• Fleet Advantage's portfolio managers notify you months in advance of when an individual vehicle or a group of vehicles will become economically obsolete. Exercising your EXchangeIT® option gives you the benefits of ownership without the worry of ever being 'under water' and eliminates the aggravation of selling, wholesaling or auctioning your used trucks. You are free to focus on your core business and we handle the seamless in-servicing of the new equipment and the disposition of the old equipment.

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Used Equipment Remarketing

Gaining the highest value for used equipment is often the most neglected piece of the cost puzzle. A 5% gain in used equipment can drastically reduce finance costs throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle. Used truck buyers pay a premium for well maintained vehicles from nationally recognized corporate fleets.

Frequently, fleet managers are forced to become used-truck salesmen or to dispose of their old trucks through the auction markets resulting in low resale values and high disposal fees. Fleet Advantage has a solution designed to help our clients avoid this trap -- a no-risk scenario and worry-free transition to new trucks. We remarket or re-lease the used equipment to established secondary market buyers waiting for premium, low-mileage equipment from well-maintained fleets like yours. We include maintenance and mileage records so the secondary buyers know the maintenance history and performance level of the vehicles they purchase or lease. We use our in-house remarketing team to remarket used equipment and avoid wholesale and auction markets. This equates to higher residual values and lowers the cost of ownership for our clients.