• Fleet Advantage specification experts work with you to design new equipment for maximum fuel efficiency, the lowest maintenance cost and the highest resale value. We discuss preferred vendors and send a request for pricing to a minimum of two major OEM's to guarantee you the most competitive pricing. At times, we 'package' orders to achieve even greater purchasing power.

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Equipment Specificication Expertise

A more efficiently designed, premium-specified truck translates into increased fuel economy, higher resale value and reduced maintenance cost throughout your vehicle's lifecycle. In most instances, specifying premium features with an eye toward optimum performance and maximum resale value actually reduces the monthly lease payment.

Our experts keep current on new products and components as well as their features and performance results. We will inform you on which technologies and configurations perform most efficiently and those that cost the most to maintain. We make it a practice to specify only low mortality components that require less preventive maintenance and longer time and mileage maintenance intervals. This helps to reduce shop man-hours, environmental waste and disposal costs. We track equipment performance across every OEM, engine, and model year, and then leverage this data with national account buying power to purchase premium specified equipment at the lowest cost.