• Fleet Advantage has exclusive program agreements in partnership with the top U.S. lenders enabling access to virtually unlimited funds. We offer our clients the most competitive lease rates on the market and provisions that enables them flexibility to exchange any vehicle with a new one at the optimal point in time without early termination penalties.

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Highly Flexible Financing Solutions

We designed our proprietary EXchangeIT® program specifically for America's top corporate fleet owners. EXchangeIT® leverages our bank partner agreements to ensure that our clients receive the most competitive cost of funds on new equipment.

Per-vehicle lifecycle management requires that fleet owners have the flexibility to exchange their costlier trucks when they reach their "Tipping Point" - the point in each truck's lifecycle where fuel and maintenance costs exceed the cost of replacing it with a new, more fuel efficient model, under new warranty, that requires only preventive maintenance. Unlike traditional lease structures that penalize early termination, EXchangeIT® ensures that our clients can seamlessly replace and upgrade trucks once they reach the "Tipping Point". You have no worry of early termination fees or over-mile charges. You have the ability to budget your operating costs and operate within budget - with no surprises. Clients have the accounting benefits of leasing with the flexibility of ownership.