• Your initial fleet study serves as a benchmark of your current fleet's efficiency and lifecycle practices. Even prior to becoming a client, our certified truck professionals assist you by offering solutions to both company specific and industry-wide issues effecting your operation. Once you become a client, we dedicate three team members to maintain your account: a fleet analyst and fleet services technician to monitor, isolate and correct fleet performance issues throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle, as well as a direct-access account manager who is thoroughly familiar with your specification, fleet portfolio, and operational strategies.

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Engine ECM settings have a measurable effect on fuel economy. Neglecting to address engine settings is like not setting preferences on your phone or computer - you simply cannot achieve maximum productivity from factory settings. Fleet Advantage recommends engine settings that will meet your company's fuel economy goals and keep your drivers happy. In order to maximize efficiency, all aspects of the ECM settings are properly addressed with consideration given to utilization, duty-cycle and geography. We diligently monitor and evaluate the ECM data and apply the proper metrics to render an accurate depiction of vehicle performance and fuel burn. Your dedicated account manager will contact you when adverse performance issues are detected before they affect your bottom line. Our Fleet Services technicians are dispatched to your location to tweak engines settings and work with your fleet management personnel to resolve issues before they become a problem.