EXchangeIT® is our proprietary leasing solution
designed specifically for America's corporate fleets.


Using in-depth analysis of 'all-in' operating costs, we inform our clients of the 'tipping point' of each vehicle. The tipping point is the point in the vehicle lifecycle when it becomes economically obsolete--or the point in time when it becomes more expensive to operate the existing equipment than it does to replace it with a more fuel efficient model and significantly reduce its maintenance cost. Our EXchangeIT® product considers all the variables, allowing you to manage your fleet at the absolute lowest cost of ownership.

A more efficiently designed, premium-specified truck translates into increased fuel economy, higher resale value and reduced maintenance cost throughout the vehicle's lifecycle. Specifying a truck with an eye toward optimum performance and maximum resale value doesn't necessarily add to its cost.

Fleet managers need to know which technologies and configurations perform the most efficiently, therefore Fleet Advantage tracks equipment performance across every OEM, engine, and model year, and then leverages this data with national account buying power to help our customers get premium equipment at the lowest cost possible.

We use data analytics to identify high mortality parts and specify components that require less preventive maintenance as well as longer time and mileage intervals to reduce shop man-hours and environmental disposal costs.