Strategic Transportation Fleet Solutions

Fleet Advantage provides flexible leasing and truck lifecycle management solutions that reduce cost and improve productivity. Utilizing our truck fleet services and data analytics, we keep fleets running at maximum efficiency.

Leasing Benefits

Companies look to leasing to preserve cash by using 100% Financing. However, there are numerous other benefits that provide significant advantages:

  • Cost savings
  • Tax benefits
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing markets
  • Convenience
  • Customizable lease terms
  • Constant equipment upgrades
  • Improved cash-flow
  • Financial Reporting - New Accounting Rules Still Favor Leasing Over Debt
  • Constant technology updates
  • Avoiding residual values risks
  • Avoiding used truck sale expenses
  • Avoiding Obsolescence
  • Accelerated ROI
  • Bundling of hardware, software and services
  • Extended payment options
  • Replacement of equipment prior to lease expiration

Lease or Purchase

The decision to lease or purchase new equipment can have a significant impact on your organization's bottom line. Finance professionals are now increasingly relying on data, analytics and business intelligence to determine the best acquisition strategy for equipment.


"Through their comprehensive fleet analytics, Fleet Advantage delivered an innovative modernization plan to manage our truck lifecycles and utilization. Their commitment to perform continuous fleet monitoring and analysis is one of the leading reasons we chose Fleet Advantage. They proved to be a strong partner early on, as they remarketed our previously owned trucks in a timely fashion, which enhanced the value of the equipment."

David Myers | Senior Vice President of Operations | The SYGMA Network