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Data Driven Fleet Solutions For Proven Results


You can't make a decision based on what you don't know. Raw data comprised of disparate facts, or random inputs in-and-of-themselves hold little value. Conclusions based on data in its raw form will lead to flawed decisions based on incomplete data sets. Managers need complete and accurate data to make sound decisions. Sound fleet decisions require consideration of the equipment design and efficiency, cost of the equipment, finance options and flexibility, operating costs, resale values, and lifecycle practices.

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You can't manage what you don't measure. Your Fleet Advantage analyst will monitor, measure and manage the total all-in costs of operating your fleet. Your boots-on-the-ground fleet services personnel will be dispatched for on-site inspections to remedy your equipment when unusual efficiency deficits are detected.

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Using in-depth analysis of 'all-in' operating costs, we inform our clients of the 'tipping point' of each vehicle. The tipping point is the point in the vehicle lifecycle when it becomes economically obsolete--or the point in time when it becomes more expensive to operate the existing equipment than it does to replace it with a more fuel efficient model and significantly reduce its maintenance cost. Our EXchangeIT® product considers all the variables, allowing you to manage your fleet at the absolute lowest cost of ownership.

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   ATLAAS Data Analytics

ATLAAS and its easy-to-use interface gives fleet managers all of their pertinent fleet information and their data analytics and visualizations they need to manage their fleet with a few keystrokes, on one platform, without the need for a support team of analysts or data scientists. ATLAAS monitors and manages fuel economy, vehicle/driver interaction; maintenance and repair items, vehicle safety system access and total operating costs to pinpoint each vehicle's optimum economic life.

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