EXchangeIT® truck lease program gives you opportunity to replace equipment prior to lease expiration without penalty with Fleet Advantage being responsible for selling your used trucks and managing residual risk.

EXchangeIT® considers all the variables, allowing you to manage your fleet to peak efficiency and absolute lowest cost, saving Millions annually. It incorporates cutting edge technology that precisely predicts the optimum truck lifecycle exchange to achieve continual improvements in fuel efficiency and reductions in maintenance and repair costs in a sustainable, turnkey business model.

Start Saving Now

WHY EXchangeIT®

  • EXchangeIT® leverages our multiple bank program agreements to ensure clients receive the most competitive cost of funds
  • Provides ability to budget operating costs and operate within budget with no surprises
  • No early termination fees or over-mile charges
  • Exercising EXchangeIT® gives you the benefit of ownership without the worry of ever being 'under water' on truck values - NO RESIDUAL RISK

The Process

Fleet Advantage's portfolio managers notify you months in advance of when an individual truck or a group of trucks will reach their TIPPINGPOINT® and become economically obsolete. We analyze the exchange options as early as 36 months, or 300,000 miles, to determine if there is a savings opportunity.

  • Data provided to client to determine the optimal month to exercise the EXchangeIT® option
  • If EXchangeIT® is selected, process restarts with a review of the equipment specification, lease structure, new equipment cost, and monthly payment
  • Fleet Advantage manages the surrender of the used trucks coming out of service and the delivery and in-service of the new trucks ensuring no overlap or double in billing
  • Fleet Advantage sells the used equipment

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