Hauling dry vans down the highway offers plenty of opportunity to reduce fuel usage. But if your cargo is something less boxy, say auto­mobiles, your aerodynamic options are more limited.

That’s the predicament in which Toyota Transport, part of Toyota Logistics Services, found itself. The fleet, with about 120 drivers and 91 tractors, moves Toyota, Lexus and Scion automobiles for Toyota Motor Corp. throughout the West Coast (it is on pace to transport 400,000 vehicles this year) from locations in Southern and Northern California; Portland, OR; and Phoenix, AZ.

Looking to reduce fleet emissions and improve fuel economy, Toyota Transport turned to Fleet Advantage. The lessor made a compelling case when it came to shorter lease cycles and newer equipment, but the additional advantages available from advanced driver and vehicle data sealed the deal.

“It came time to replace the trucks,  and we looked at a number of leasing options,” says Kirk Welch, safety and compliance manager. “We found out about some of [Fleet Advantage’s] benefits. We started out with a five-year lifecycle with them, but they gave us an option to look at a three-year term.”

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