As much as it's affecting the shopper experience inside the grocery store, technology is influencing the way products reach the supermarket. To be sure, all points along the supply chain are being honed by the influence of digital, and fleet management is no exception.

“Technology is driving rapid change in fleet management and is impacting the competitive landscape in the areas of data analysis and equipment specifications,” says John Flynn, CEO of Fleet Advantage.

The company’s philosophy of economic obsolescence posits that it’s much more efficient and cost effective to run trucks until it becomes cheaper to get a new truck thank to operate an old one, rather than trying to extend vehicle’s working lives by operating trucks until they become functionally obsolete.

In the future, by focusing on economic obsolescence, he asserts, companies can implement a continuous improvement model, enhancing efficiency, lowering costs and providing environmental leadership via reduced greenhouse gas emissions.  To that end, Fleet Advantage has developed systems and software that capture information in a structured format and allow fleet operators to calculate their total cost of ownership, giving them the tools to identify and capture cost savings opportunities.

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