While the implementation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s electronic logging device (ELD) rules will usher in significant changes for our industry, there are many potential benefits. Despite the startup costs and learning curves, fleets may be poised to see significant improvements.

“We’ve been focused on helping fleet customers understand the full landscape and impact ELDs will have on their business—specifically why it’s important to take this as an opportunity to implement changes above and beyond satisfying the minimum requirements per the mandate,” says Jim Griffin, chief technology officer at Fleet Advantage. “The value of the additional data that is available and ability to analyze that data to drive bottom-line costs down is significant.

“The new ELD mandate will be a key factor in the decision of which system to choose,” he continues, “but we are advising our customers to look beyond the mandate. With a plethora of options on vendors, applications, features and costs, where do you start? This conversation is where our dialogue begins with our fleet customers.

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