Fleet Advantage announced its 2015 graduates of the NPTC’s Certified Transportation Professional (CTP) program. With 100% of all business development, fleet services, safety and transaction management professionals earning their CTP designation, Fleet Advantage maintains its commitment to professional development and industry expertise for all of its associates.

With 11 CTP designated professionals as part of the Fleet Advantage team, CEO John Flynn congratulated the three newest Fleet Advantage CTP executives: Charles Chevaillier and Vince Cornell, both VPs of Business Development, and Matt Hendrix, director of Fleet Services. He added; “We are grateful to the NPTC for providing such a robust and affordable program to the transportation industry and are proud of our participation with such a great organization. Accreditation evidences our commitment to our clients and to the industry as a whole. Our team is an elite group of professionals dedicated to providing the best service to America’s premier private fleets.”

Administered for 20 years, CTP accreditation also equips professionals with the highest level of industry understanding of critical areas of private fleet management functions, such as operations, maintenance, safety and human resources.

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