Dozens of business owners, managers and leaders of privately held companies in Florida have given raises and bonuses to their employees, invested in new equipment, hired new employees and enhanced benefit packages as a result of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act President Donald Trump signed into law last December.

Fort Lauderdale-based Fleet Advantage provided greater options for its customers and helped expand its vehicle leasing operations. Many of its smaller fleets and owner-operators couldn’t afford to use new equipment. Because of tax reform its COO James C. Griffin Jr. said they launched new flexible leasing programs “to help fleets achieve more balance-sheet benefits. Because of the depreciation aspect of the tax plan, the company is now better able to predict planning for its customers.“

“A lot of organizations are looking at this as an opportunity to upgrade their fleets. [And] our model is really starting to resonate, so we’ve seen a huge uptick [in business],” he told Freight Waves News.

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