The Dept. of Transportation has been planning a heavy truck speed limiter proposal for some time, and meanwhile, speed limiters will be one of the technologies truck makers can tap regarding fuel efficiency under the forthcoming Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Phase 2 rule. But as those regs are hashed out, fleets may not always see eye-to-eye with the federal agencies involved when it comes to GHG Phase 2 tech.

Fuel savings and safety

If you talk to the folks at fleet leasing and business analytics firm Fleet Advantage, they'll tell you they're all for speed limiters for heavy trucks. Stephen Katona, the company's director of purchasing, recalls putting in speed limiters while at a former job managing the logistics division fleet of a major truck rental company.

"We ran 10,000 tractors and trailers. When we hit a spike in fuel and diesel hit $4.00/gal., that's when we started limiting the speed on all of our trucks," he says. "We did it primarily to save fuel back then, but what we noticed was we got safety benefits above and beyond that.

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