“You really need ELD data to make sense of it all,” added Jim Griffin, COO and chief technology officer for Fleet Advantage. “I’ve been telling anyone who will listen not to just look at complying with the ELD mandate itself—that’s shortsighted. Take an extra step and look for systems that can leverage that data [from an ELD] for operational savings going forward. By doing that,  you don’t have to buy a new device to gain those capabilities; in other words, you don’t have to buy an ELD twice.”

While many small fleets and drivers decry what many call the “intrusiveness” of collecting and reporting HOS data for all to see via ELDs, Griffin stressed that in reality trucking operators are “driving blind” if they don’t have such data close at hand on a regular basis.

“In today’s world, any business that is not making data-based decisions is not making good decisions,” he emphasized. “This industry tends to move very slowly; but in this case, the regulatory environment is causing it to pick up and push the envelope a little bit.”

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