Hurricane Florence, which came ashore in the Carolinas on Sept. 14, will be known for its massive rainfalls, which caused flooding and water damage throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and parts of Virginia. According to reports released by Moody’s Analytics, New York, property damage from the hurricane is expected to total near $22 billion, and that may be on the conservative side.

This type of flooding is damaging not just to homes, businesses and even the lives of local residents, but also causes severe damage and even destruction to heavy-duty trucks, and can cost millions in repair and replacement for truck fleets throughout the region.

The following are some critical maintenance issues to be cognizant of for any truck that’s had proximity to flooded areas:

1. Water intrusion of main components inside the engine, transmission and axles. Unless properly flushed to ensure all water is drained, this can cause catastrophic failures and equate into extended downtime.

2.  Corrosion of electrical components, which can cause havoc.

3. Water intrusion in any wheel bearings in the tractor or trailer. Water breaks down the viscosity of the oil, which causes the temperature to rise and wheel bearing failures.

4.  Water intrusion into the air brake system. Due to the high humidity from the storm, as the air compressor pumps air into brake systems, it will cause condensation to collect, which will cause the air brake system to malfunction especially, during the winter and fall. Condensation will freeze and cause air flow to decrease, which will in turn cause brake system to lock up. 

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