Trucks, equipped with the latest technologies and features, emit tons of data for fleet managers to sort through – from fuel usage and idling to route tracking and driver behaviors. But when it comes to effectively leveraging that data to run more efficient operations, many fleets may end up feeling they fall short.

recent Fleet Advantage survey – presented to more than 500 private and transportation fleet executives and managers – shows that 45% of respondents are unsure of operational savings resulting from the implementation of new technologies to heavy-duty trucks in their fleet.

“Ever since the recession ended, the industry has gone full-speed ahead in adopting newer technologies to their trucks that in turn provide access to a wealth of data and intelligence, especially as it relates to fuel economy,” said Mike Spence, senior vice president of fleet services at Fleet Advantage. “Unfortunately, this survey validates that data has become increasingly voluminous, and many industry professionals do not have the tools to analyze and digest this data that can then be used to make critical decisions for their fleet operations.”

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