As you probably know, the trucking industry is absolutely booming right now and things look to continue this way into next year. It seems like every month a new record is being set by truck orders, trailer orders or both.

This is fantastic news for the industry, but there is a downside for fleets, which comes in the form of an extreme backlog of truck orders. This year’s success has been so overwhelming that truck OEMs can’t make trucks fast enough to meet customer demand. Backlogs are stretching well into 2019. (See the Post Script on page 96 for the numbers).

This could make things difficult if you’re a fleet that needs new trucks soon. If you don’t want to or can’t wait until the backlogs resolve themselves, you will have to get creative. A couple of popular options include opting for used equipment that is only a couple of years old, or going with remanufactured equipment. 

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