Five years and counting since its rollout, the federal Compliance, Safety, Accountability safety-monitoring initiative continues to bedevil fleet managers.

In the abstract sense, CSA is a complicated structure. Its methodology seeks to bring various disparate facts together to draw an accurate — and actionable — picture of the moving target that is the nation’s motor carriers at work.

Certainly, technology can be an important tool to help improve your safety scores. Yet the majority of fleets have been slow to adopt such systems.

“Although telematics devices have been around for decades, the range for Class 8 tractors outfitted with telematics is approximately 27 to 40%. That speaks volumes about the perceived value of telematics,” says Jim Griffin, chief technology officer for Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Fleet Advantage, which provides equipment financing and lifecycle-cost management to large private fleets.

Resistance to telematics is understandable, given the dizzying array of solutions on the market. “Amid the overload of telematics applications, hardware and services available, deciding on the range of system functionality and associated costs can be overwhelming,” Griffin says.

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