Data metrics are, in a way, the new “app.” Need to know your average downtime due to an unplanned service stop? There’s a metric for that. Want to know where your truck is? There’s a metric for that. Do you have an idea for how long your trucks typically idle? There’s a metric for that too. Today’s heavy-duty truck industry is all about tracking, charting and analyzing; one big concern that some fleets are tackling today deals with truck turn-around time.

“The resale market is always one of supply and demand,” said John Rickette, vice president and manager of the transaction team for Fleet Advantage. “The migration from a six to eight year life-cycle to a 36 to 42 month cycle has been generating demand due to the lower associated operating costs, reliability and safety of the later model year vehicles. Resale buyers are now able to purchase relatively low-mileage, pre-owned vehicles that are still under warranty and have been in service only three to four years in the primary market. Using information from the on-board computers, resale buyers have access to the MPG history allowing them to calculate the savings in fuel costs.”

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