FORT LAUDERDALE (May 17, 2023) Fleet Advantage, a leading innovator in Class-8 fleet data analytics, equipment financing, and life cycle cost management (LCCM) is exhibiting and providing complimentary fleet analyses at booth #101 at the National Tank Truck Carrier’s (NTTC) Annual Conference, May 21-23 in Boston, Mass. Attendees can stop by the booth to receive their complimentary fleet analysis from Fleet Advantage’s executive team who will also be discussing flexible fleet solutions for both company-specific and industry-wide issues affecting tank truck fleet operators. Click here to schedule a complimentary Fleet Analysis.

NTTC's Annual Conference & Exhibits provides the tank truck industry the opportunity to collaborate and take action on the high-level issues facing the industry through its committees and sessions, while showcasing industry suppliers, and providing invaluable networking opportunities. 

As the transportation community celebrates National Transportation Week (NTW) this week to draw public attention to transportation issues, Fleet Advantage is a strong example of working behind-the-scenes to help tank truck fleet operators overcome the many challenges affecting them today. Whether its safety, driver and technician shortages, equipment shortages, procurement strategies, or maintenance and repair issues, companies need to be able to identify and adopt new processes to ensure long term success, and Fleet Advantage assists in each of these areas with its flexible Asset Management solutions.

Throughout the NTTC Annual Conference, Fleet Advantage’s executive team will be conducting Fleet Analyses with tank truck fleet operators in attendance to address these areas and provide recommendations for cost savings by extracting the fuel, maintenance, and mileage data directly from the tractor's on-board computer via its proprietary interface. The study analyzes a multitude of data points including fleet performance and utilization and current cost per mile (CPM), factoring in depreciation, finance, maintenance, repair, and used truck values. Each of these areas are critical in promoting better safety and economic competitiveness throughout the life cycle of the vehicle.

Fleet Advantage will also be at the show demonstrating to tank truck operators and executives the importance of going beyond simply securing financing. Even in today’s economy, obtaining financing isn’t the big challenge. Instead, tank truck operators are looking for partners who also provide value-added solutions, such as fleet services throughout the life cycle of the equipment. This partnership can help secure additional savings built with flexible financing. But it is also augmented with a bevy of additional services that improve the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), especially considering today’s transportation challenges, such as truck procurement and lack of build slots, driver recruitment and retention, rising maintenance and repair (M&R) costs and used truck disposal and resale.

“Fleet Advantage believes that our nation’s network of tank trucks and bulk transporters are critically important to the American economy, and we are committed to supporting them through our innovative asset management solutions to help their businesses,” said Kristopher Dolch, CTP, Vice President of Strategic Fleet Solutions for Fleet Advantage. “As Fleet Advantage’s goal is to always deliver the most cost effective, safe, and reliable fleet possible, our certified truck professionals look forward to offering the most flexible solutions possible at NTTC to help navigate continued transportation challenges still being faced today.”


For more information on Fleet Advantage’s turnkey asset management solutions to help tank truck fleet operators mitigate risk and reduce costs, schedule a meeting with the team at NTTC booth #101.


About Fleet Advantage

Fleet Advantage is the largest independent lessor for heavy-duty Class-8 trucks and has over $2.5 Billion assets under its Life Cycle Cost Management (LCCM) program and more than 50 customers which includes America’s top corporate fleets, including five (5) of the top 10 private fleets in the country. Fleet Advantage guarantees the absolute lowest cost of operation by providing fleet asset management, financing solutions, and fleet analytics, using the latest equipment technology to achieve optimum vehicle productivity and maximum safety. Our model of TCO, clean diesel, and safety-enhanced trucks with shorter life cycles complement our customers’ ESG goals. The accomplishments of Fleet Advantage and our leadership team continue to be recognized for tremendous growth and industry leadership with numerous awards, including Top Private Independent and Most Innovative Firm by the Monitor Daily, Top Software & Tech Awards, Top Women Associates in Finance, and Green Supply Chain Awards to name a few. The company has also been named to Inc. magazine’s 500|5000 list of fastest growing companies in the nation.