FORT LAUDERDALE (November 16, 2023) –  Fleet Advantage, a leading innovator in specialty financing, fleet data analytics, fleet management services, and life cycle cost management announced today that it has been named as Progressive Grocer’s Impact Award winner in the category of Sustainability/Resource Conservation.

The company was recognized for continuing to unveil never-seen-before analytic tools, such as its EV Life Cycle Cost Analysis tool, EVAN (Electric Vehicle Analytic Navigator), released earlier this year to help grocers with transportation fleets determine the efficacy of utilizing electric vehicles. The tool is part of Fleet Advantage’s industry leading focus on Corporate Sustainability initiatives, including Emissions Studies and data analytics that identify life cycle management to maximize environmental considerations and progress toward alternate fuel technology tomorrow.

This year marks the third year the Progressive Grocer Impact Awards have honored companies operating within the grocery industry that are emphasizing sustainability at the heart of their business. Whether its’s retailers, suppliers, or solutions providers, the award recognizes organizations that are driving change in the food and consumables industry among other areas, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion, philanthropic innovation, and workforce development, amongst others.

Fleet Advantage understands that a significant grocery industry challenge revolves around how to efficiently progress toward a carbon-free future in a viable way. Therefore, the company has continuously worked with grocers to build custom ESG roadmaps supported by strategic asset management, and EVAN plays a crucial role in bridging diesel into tomorrow’s alternate fuel options. By comparing diesel versus electric class 8 vehicle TCO, with modeling that evaluates fuel and mileage data versus kWh comparisons from the first year through a six-year life cycle, Fleet Advantage has allowed grocers to make an informed decision about which type of vehicle is more cost-effective for their fleet.

Additionally, Fleet Advantage’s Emission Studies review the entire grocery fleet by year, make, model, and compares fuel and mileage data and provides detailed information on CO2 reduction in metric tons and gallons of fuel saved, each time the truck was replaced, as well as forecasted savings.  Today, Fleet Advantage remains as the only finance lessor that has been certifying such measures for a decade with a focus on tractor trailer fleets that operate high annual mileages, with $2.6 billion in truck assets under management including 5 of the top 10 private fleets in the United States. In total, Fleet Advantage has reduced customers’ CO2 emissions by over 1,000,000 metric tons since inception through philosophical change and its pioneering solutions.   

“Since 2011, Fleet Advantage has promoted newer, cleaner diesel engines with innovative replacement programs and flexible financing, backed by unprecedented emissions studies and data analytics, benefiting grocers,” said Brian Holland, President and CEO of Fleet Advantage. “We’re proud to be recognized for our efforts to make the world a better place.”

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About Fleet Advantage 

Fleet Advantage is the largest independent lessor for heavy-duty Class-8 trucks and has over $2.6 Billion assets and over 20,000 units under its Life Cycle Cost Management (LCCM) program. This comprises a client portfolio of more than 50 of America’s top corporate fleets, including five (5) of the top 10 private fleets in the country. Fleet Advantage guarantees the absolute lowest cost of operation by providing fleet asset management, financing solutions, and fleet analytics, using the latest equipment technology to achieve optimum vehicle productivity and maximum safety. Our model of TCO, clean diesel, and safety-enhanced trucks with shorter life cycles complement our customers’ ESG goals. The accomplishments of Fleet Advantage and our leadership team continue to be recognized for tremendous growth and industry leadership with numerous awards, including Top Private Independent and Most Innovative Firm by the Monitor Daily, Top Software & Tech Awards, Top Women Associates in Finance, and Green Supply Chain Awards to name a few. The company has also been named to Inc. magazine’s 500|5000 list of fastest growing companies in the nation.




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