Brian McMahon, 28, is a lot like others in his generation. He graduated from college and immediately started an internship. His thought at the time was: Build a resume, learn something new, gain some exposure, and leave after about a year.

But things change, especially when one sees potential.

McMahon, who has a degree in finance, began working as an intern at Fleet Advantage, a Florida-based truck fleet business analytics, equipment financing and lifecycle cost management firm, back in 2010. He was the company’s first intern and is now a full-time financial analyst there. He was hired full-time after serving a year as an intern and worked in operations and pricing before taking on his current position.

Before he signed on as an intern with Fleet Advantage, McMahon said he never really equated trucking with technology and was under the misconception that the industry was antiquated and lacked entrepreneurialism. He soon found out how mistaken he was. And he thinks other millennials might share those same misconceptions.

“It’s not about what attracted me to transportation, but more about why I stayed,” McMahon said. “I believe this is the real message that needs to be communicated to other young professionals who are still deciding where to plant their professional roots.”

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